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Changes Log

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----- 1.2 (08 January 2018) ------
Fixed: Sticky header dynamic color on category page and single page
Improved: Now, The slider background SVG image is changeable
New: Child theme included
New: wpml-config.xml file included for wmpl multilingual plugin support.

----- 1.3 (03 February 2018) ------
Fixed: Normal button output on menu
Fixed: Post color output on Latest posts shortcode
Fixed: Menu color on Static header layout
Fixed: Some images not loading on mac (Safary browser)

----- 1.4 (15 February 2018) ------
Fixed: 404 error page layout
Fixed: Menu color
Fixed: Default demo data importing
Fixed: Some responsive issues
Fixed: Not showing the changed value after refreshing some settings
Improved: You can choose either single portfolio page link or thumbnail for Portfolio style 1.
Improved: Portfolio archive page
Improved: Some settings added in the Theme settings (Eg. Footer font color on Theme Settings>Footer Settings)
New: Video portfolio format
New: Archive page settings on Theme Settings page.

----- 1.5 (02 March 2018) -------
Fixed: Some CSS issues
Fixed: Info box shortcode content not changing issue
Improved: Header layout two (corporate demo header)
Improved: Now you can change space more dynamically from shortcode's (styling tab)
Improved: Some designing issues on demo content
Improved: Product single page titlebar background image from metafield.
Improved: One Demo importer admin style
Updated: Demo contents

----- 1.6 (27 March 2018) -------
Fixed: Archive pages title
Fixed: Shop page title-bar
Updated: Woocommerce outdated templates
Improved: Some shortcodes
Improved: OneClick Demo Importer

----- 1.7 (8 June 2018) -------
Updated: Gullu Child theme updated to 1.1
Fixed: Some responsive issues
Fixed: Pricing Table price input issue
New: Sticky menu ON/OFF option added to Theme Settings > Header Options > Navbar Options

----- 1.8 (14 June 2018) -------
Fixed: Some responsive issues fixed
Fixed: Buy Now button in product single page
Fixed: Breadcrumb
Fixed: Sticky menu OFF/OFF option
New: Shop Page Settings option (Theme Settings > Archive Settings > Shop)
New: Mobile Menu Icon Color option (Theme Settings > Header Settings > Menu Styling)
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