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Hello, I would like to ask if it is possible to create more than 2 levels of documentation in weDocs?

Our team needs one more.

or it might be diffrent

angela smith

I think is fine tbh

angela smith


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Automatic scroll to top

How can we go to the beginning of the page when clicking on a new section, for example:

Comment Closed

After reading Full-width No Right Sidebar, then clicking to comment-closed, the page is not automatically scrolled to the top.

Thank you.

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Fixing issues  in banca theme.

Best Answer

Use <pre> tag for multiple lines of code. Once again, be sure to escape any angle brackets in the code for proper rendering. You may optionally add.

                        <br />
<strong>JavaScript Code</strong><br />
[code lang="js"]<br />
function general() {<br />
$('.collapse-btn').on('click', function (e) {<br />
e.preventDefault();<br />
$(this).toggleClass('active')<br />
$(".collapse-wrap").slideToggle(500);<br />
<p>$('.short-by a').click(function () {<br />
$(this).toggleClass('active-short').siblings().removeClass('active-short');<br />
});<br />
}<br />

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Auto-embed links allow the user to have the ability to automatically embed any Youtube videos, Twitter tweets, Imgur images, Vine videos, and Instagram photos directly into topics and replies. This is powered by the oEMBED feature inside of WordPress. For a full list of what oEMBED supports in bbPress and WordPress go here.

To enable the ability to use oEMBED on bbPress topics and replies:

  1. Settings > Forums  in the WordPress backend
  2. Forum Features section make sure “Embed media (YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, etc…) directly into topics and replies” is enabled

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All you have to do is place the full URL of the object you are trying to embed. For example, in a reply, you could place this into the replies content box. Check out this cool video:

[YouTube link URL]

That was a cool video. Then where you see the YouTube link URL, when you submit the post you would see a youtube video in full.

مشاهدة 15 رد - 1 حتى 15 (من مجموع 56)