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    We are trying to duplicate the pricing on the template, however, our formatting is off. We can’t get the “Annual” & “Monthly” buttons to be aligned like the example, and there are also check marks next to them that we don’t know how to remove.

    Please see attached photos of how our pricing currently looks, versus how we want it to look.

    Thank you.


    Hi ,

    I couldn’t import a demo page using one click import , even the import manually doesn’t work and the pages doesn’t show widgets. Please advise.

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    I need help on a few things please for the Rogan WordPress Theme I purchased. The site in reference is Here are the issues I’m running into:

    1. Is there a way, at all, to have the app screenshot that I see on show up for the mobile version as well? That’s a big part of the appeal of the site — to be able to see the actual screenshot.

    2. There’s a small white line that runs down the right hand side of the website on the desktop version only that I can’t seem to get rid of. Not sure what to do about it. Any idea?

    3. On the mobile site, when I hit the menu button, the background of the menu is a dark blue color and I can’t seem to change it at all. I’ve tried under Theme Settings > Menu > Menu Background Color and Background Color but neither seem to be working. I am able to change the link color etc. on both desktop and mobile but not the background color of the menu.

    4. Is there anyway to get rid of the menu items on the 404 page?

    Overall, I really like the site, but there are a lot of little bugs and issues that have made a bit furstrating, as well as the fact that some things are editable in very unituitive areas. That being said, I’m hoping you can help me on the above to help alleviate some of these issues. I look forward to hearing back and thank you for your time!

    Kind Regards

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Viewing 4 results - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)
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